141 Penshurst Road

Hone / Holis


44 Dwellings
+ 235m2 Retail /Commercial NLA

Ray is the start of something new. Located North of Narwee Train Station, the site sits on the end of a local business block with retail facilities that service the local community.
The building podium is strongly defined and presents an articulated and refined streetwall to Penshurst Road, setting the tone for future development of the streetscape. A single large retail tenancy on ground is designed to further enhance variety of services available to the local community by attracting businesses that require large spaces.

The tower component is designed to be open, taking advantage of uninterrupted district views. Residential units on these levels above are designed to make full use of the site's Northern orientation, capturing natural sun light from dawn to dusk. Part of the development also involves upgrade works to Wyatt Parade, reinforcing this important pedestrian link between Penshurst Road and Station Lane by creating a safer and inviting pedestrian environment, through improved lighting, improved ground cover and landscaping.